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What is enhanced injury protection, and is it worth adding to my motorcycle insurance policy?

Motorcycle insurance in Queen Creek, AZ is already surprisingly reasonable, and you may want to consider adding some extra protections. The Insurance Team has experience in helping our customers find options that fit their lifestyle and needs. Just like with any other kind of insurance, you can personalize your policy so you only pay for the extras you think you need.

There are a lot of extras you can add to your basic policy, such as rental car reimbursement, roadside protection, special protection for the contents you carry on your bike, and total loss coverage. Enhanced injury protection is one of the most important protections you can add.

Enhanced Injury Protection

Getting in a serious accident on your motorcycle can affect you for a long time. If you only have minimum coverage, you might hit your limit on medical bills. Even worse, you may be out of work for an extended period of time. When you are out of work, you may be unable to take care of yourself and your family and pay your bills.

If you have enhanced injury protection, your insurance will pay you $250 every week for up to 2 years if you are injured on your bike. If you are killed in a motorcycle accident, your family will get $25,000. To qualify for this protection, you have to add it to your policy, and the injury must be one that is covered under your policy.

What Are You Missing Out On?

If you only get the legally required amount of insurance in Queen Creek, AZ, you are missing out on a lot of protections. Call The Insurance Team so we can find out how easy it is to add other important protections.

What are Some Perils Motorcycle Insurance Typically Doesn’t Cover?

Liability motorcycle insurance is a requirement for Queen Creek, AZ riders, and it’s important to understand that not every circumstance will be a covered peril. The Insurance Team is happy to assist with this vital coverage.

Below are some of the more common scenarios that tend to fall outside most standard policies:

Engaging in risky behavior, such as racing and its resulting injuries, will often result in a rejection of your claims, and the same is true when you are doing stunts or participating in demolition derbies. 

Operating your vehicle under the influence of controlled substances and all narcotics may void your coverage, and alcohol may do so as well, as it is illegal to ride when over a certain limit of intoxication. The Insurance Team would be happy to go over the details of what is and isn’t included in your plan. 

If you are someone who uses your motorcycle to deliver goods for a service charge, this may fall outside the scope of your indemnification. In addition, this can also affect you when involved in an accident while driving passengers for a fee. 

Any wreck, property damage, and medical costs that are incurred while you are involved in illegal activities may be your own financial responsibility, but this usually does not extend to simple violations of traffic laws. 

If you ride your bike in a reckless manner intending to self-harm or wound others, this type of behavior is often in violation of the terms of your insurance contract and will likely not be covered. 

The Insurance Team Works for You

We serve the insurance needs of those living in Queen Creek, AZ, and we can be reached by phone, email, or by stopping at our office. We invite you to make an appointment to speak to us about your specific situation today. 

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