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Classic Car Insurance for Snowbirds

Classic cars are in a class of their own for sure, and they mean a lot to those who collect and restore them. If you have a home in a place that experiences severe winters, and also a home in Queen Creek, AZ, it’s a no-brainer deciding where you will garage your treasure. However, protecting your cherished vehicle as a seasonal resident can be a tricky proposition. The Insurance Team is here to help.

Understanding Classic Car Insurance

With the area’s warm climate and gorgeous scenery, it is no wonder why you would want to bring your classic car for a drive during your extended stay. However, purchasing the right comprehensive coverage, tailored to your needs, is crucial for your classic car’s protection.

Remember, insurance for classic cars takes into account how unique, valuable, and distinct vintage vehicles are, and regular automobile insurance may not cover your needs as extensively. For example, classic car insurance may cover restoration fees and the costs of specialized repairs. It can cover the costs of vintage parts that are expensive because they are rare and hard to find. Also, given the dry, dusty climate, you may want to add extra coverage for sun exposure and damage from sand and rocks.

Also, as a seasonal resident, if you are parking your vehicle for an expansive period of time, you should consider reduced usage and storage-specific policies. This is especially relevant if you choose to leave your car in Queen Creek, AZ when you return to your out-of-state home. You can also get policies that adjust your premium based on seasonal use and drawn-out periods of inactivity.

Do you need help deciding on what types of coverage are right for you and your classic beauty?

Look no further than The Insurance Team. We welcome part-time citizens and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about automobile coverage for your vintage vehicle.

What Are the Requirements for Classic Car Insurance?

You take great pride in driving your antique vehicle around for the occasional Sunday cruise or showing it at selected car shows. Perhaps your wondering about the requirements for classic car insurance at various companies. Our experts at The Insurance Team in Queen Creek, AZ can help you compare policies, starting with eligibility requirements. In the meantime, we’ve listed the most common eligibility rules and considerations.

Eligibility Requirements for Classic Car Insurance

Each insurer may have unique requirements, but most share a few common elements, including the age range of covered vehicles. Antique cars are typically at least 25 years old. Additionally, you cannot use the vehicle for everyday tasks, such as commuting to work or grocery shopping. 

Make sure you have the appropriate space to store your valuable older vehicle. This might include a storage unit, private garage, or barn. However, many insurers won’t cover your classic sports car or refurbished Model T if you leave it in a driveway, parking garage, or carport. Your agent can help you understand the appropriate arrangement to qualify for coverage. Additionally, you’ll probably need to prove you have another vehicle for everyday use.

Are You Eligible for Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance coverage often comes with a maximum mileage per year and requires that you maintain a good driving record. You may also have to prove that the classic car is in good condition with a regular maintenance schedule.

Give Us A Call

You can work with agents at The Insurance Team in Queen Creek, AZ to secure the right policy for your Mustang or refurbished tractor. We can help you understand the eligibility requirements and choose the right coverage for your classic vehicles. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free quote so you can show off your vehicle without breaking the coverage rules. 

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