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Life Insurance for Today, Tomorrow, and Years to Come

Life insurance is all about what you give, and when it comes to giving a gift that continues to give, life insurance can be exactly that – and so much more. That is also one of the many reasons why people around Queen Creek, AZ choose The Insurance Team for all their life insurance needs.

Life insurance offers more than a few benefits and is one of the most considerate gifts we can give those we love. For everything from helping cover end-of-life expenses to helping your loved one transition to life without you, life insurance is a gift for today, tomorrow, and years to come.

The Benefits of Life Insurance

Imagine that your spouse, children, or furry four-legged best friend has to figure out how to live tomorrow without you. That isn’t only a heart issue (and it is that, too); it is also about paying the bills, taking care of the living expenses, and everything else. With the right life insurance policy, your income can be supplemented to help those figure out how to continue without you.

Figuring out what you need life insurance for and who you need it for is also part of what we do at The Insurance Team. From income replacement to inheritance or end-of-life expenses, there are many benefits that the right life insurance plan can offer. And for the here and now, life insurance offers the peace of mind of knowing that the people you care about and love will be taken care of if something happens to you.

If you live in the Queen Creek, AZ, area and need life insurance or have questions, we can help. Contact us to learn more and let our friendly and professional agents at The Insurance Team help with all your life insurance needs.

Should I have more life insurance than I receive through my job?

Employees can often acquire life insurance through their employee benefits plan when beginning a new job and during open enrollment periods, but is the coverage received through work enough to meet their family’s needs? The answer depends on several factors, and The Insurance Team serving Queen Creek, AZ, will be happy to review them with you.

Life Insurance Through Work

Organizations often subsidize employee life insurance coverage as part of their benefits plans, and the plans have advantages:


Generally, some coverage is free, and employees can buy more.


Employees are eligible regardless of medical history.


Acquiring this insurance takes little effort.

While these are good reasons to accept or supplement work-related life insurance, job-related life insurance often falls short.

Limited Coverage:

Policies often provide less than the recommended coverage. For example, the State of Arizona offers employees only $15,000 in life insurance and allows supplemental coverage up to three times their annual salary. Both fall well below a typical family’s needs.

Tied to Job:

A job change often means a loss of coverage.


Spouses are seldom eligible for coverage.

While accepting free coverage through work makes sense, the amount of insurance you need depends on your age, family makeup, job mobility, medical history, and financial resources. When considering those factors, most people need more life insurance than they receive through their jobs.

Working with The Insurance Team

If you are in Queen Creek, AZ, The Insurance Team can determine a life insurance plan to fit your needs. So call or stop in for a quote today, so you can get back to living life knowing your family is adequately protected.

Don’t Leave Your Family Unprotected

Do you ever consider what would happen to your loved ones in the event of your passing? How about leaving a financial gift for those you care about the most? The Queen Creek, AZ professionals at The Insurance Team can help you choose the level of protection that best suits your needs.

The Insurance Team services 38 different states across the country providing lasting peace of mind for their clients and loved ones.

There are several different ways this policy can be used by your loved ones to help with financial responsibilities:

A life insurance policy is designed to compensate your beneficiaries at the time of your passing. As illnesses or accidents and other unexpected events occur all the time, don’t leave your loved ones without financial protection.

Your loved ones can mourn without the burden of funeral expenses that will be due. These expenses can be paid with the insurance policy proceeds.

Are you currently carrying a mortgage on your residence? If so, ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover this amount. You do not want your family to be concerned about the possibility of losing their home.

A life insurance policy can act as a financial safety net for your family, business, or others. It is essential protection you can be sure of as your beneficiaries will receive a tax-free, lump-sum payment that is guaranteed to be paid in full and can be used for childcare, healthcare, tuition, and for the elimination of household debt.

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Our agents at The Insurance Team in Queen Creek, AZ can tailor a policy to meet your individual needs. If you require additional information, get in touch with us today.

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