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Why Everyone Needs Flood Insurance

If you’re a homeowner, you probably have home insurance and rely on it to protect your home and yourself. However, your home insurance doesn’t protect against everything. You may need other insurance policies, one of which is flood insurance. If you don’t have home and flood insurance, it’s time to get it. Give us a call at The Insurance Team in Queen Creek, AZ. 

Flood Insurance Benefits

If you have home insurance, it excludes floods from the coverage. That means the policy won’t pay if a flood damages your home. When you don’t have flood insurance, all of the repairs or rebuilding will have to be paid for by you. When you have flood insurance, it can pay for repairs that would otherwise be extremely expensive for you. When you have this policy, you also get peace of mind from knowing that you’re covered just in case a flooding disaster should happen. 

The National Flood Insurance Program

When you get this insurance, it’s backed by this government program. That means that it’s guaranteed and will have plenty of funding. For some people, flood insurance doesn’t seem important. This is especially true when they don’t live in a flood zone. The problem is that one in every five flood claims comes from areas not inside flood zones. That makes it important always to have this insurance because flooding can strike just about anywhere. Whether you’re in a flood zone or not, this is one of the essential insurance policies that you should have to protect yourself financially. 

Get Flood Insurance 

Every homeowner needs this insurance in case of flooding. If you don’t have your policy yet, call us at The Insurance Team in Queen Creek, AZ, to get started. 

Life Insurance for Today, Tomorrow, and Years to Come

Life insurance is all about what you give, and when it comes to giving a gift that continues to give, life insurance can be exactly that – and so much more. That is also one of the many reasons why people around Queen Creek, AZ choose The Insurance Team for all their life insurance needs.

Life insurance offers more than a few benefits and is one of the most considerate gifts we can give those we love. For everything from helping cover end-of-life expenses to helping your loved one transition to life without you, life insurance is a gift for today, tomorrow, and years to come.

The Benefits of Life Insurance

Imagine that your spouse, children, or furry four-legged best friend has to figure out how to live tomorrow without you. That isn’t only a heart issue (and it is that, too); it is also about paying the bills, taking care of the living expenses, and everything else. With the right life insurance policy, your income can be supplemented to help those figure out how to continue without you.

Figuring out what you need life insurance for and who you need it for is also part of what we do at The Insurance Team. From income replacement to inheritance or end-of-life expenses, there are many benefits that the right life insurance plan can offer. And for the here and now, life insurance offers the peace of mind of knowing that the people you care about and love will be taken care of if something happens to you.

If you live in the Queen Creek, AZ, area and need life insurance or have questions, we can help. Contact us to learn more and let our friendly and professional agents at The Insurance Team help with all your life insurance needs.

Will auto liability insurance cover the damage my car sustained from a wreck?

Liability insurance has many benefits for drivers. If you’re found at fault in an auto accident, liability coverage will pay for any damage to the other driver’s car, as well as any injuries they may sustain. Liability coverage also covers damage to other people’s property if you’re at fault. Legal protection is usually a part of liability protection as well. The Insurance Team is committed to helping our Queen Creek, AZ drivers understand auto insurance and the coverage it provides.

What is auto liability insurance?

Liability insurance provides both legal and financial protection. However, this form of insurance doesn’t directly compensate the driver at fault. Instead, this form of protection pays for any damage or injuries you as a driver may cause to other peoples people’s property and vehicles. It also pays for other people’s injuries as well. However, any damage your car may sustain wouldn’t be covered by liability insurance. Also, your injuries and property damage wouldn’t be covered either. Liability coverage strictly compensates and repairs the other driver’s car and property if you’re found at fault for an accident. It can also replace a car if you damage someone else’s car beyond repair. 

Will auto liability insurance cover the damage my car sustained from a wreck?

No.  Liability coverage will only apply to other people’s injuries, property damage, and damaged vehicles, not yours. If your car is damaged and you lack collision or comprehensive auto insurance coverage, your car will not be covered. Liability insurance is required by state law but only covers the repair of other people’s cars and property if you’re found at fault for an accident.

Reach Out To Us

If you have questions about what’s covered by an auto insurance policy, call us at The Insurance Team in Queen Creek, AZ. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you explore your options. 

Types of Commercial Insurance to Consider Based on My Industry

One size does not fit all when purchasing commercial insurance in Queen Creek, AZ. While many companies get general liability and workers’ compensation policies, those often aren’t enough to cover all risks. Many businesses need specific policies to cover risks for their industry. If you’re wondering what you need, The Insurance Team will gladly help.

Benefits of Getting Different Types of Business Insurance

When you buy different business insurance policies, you will protect yourself against a wide range of risks that could affect your company. Although essential, a general liability policy will only protect you against claims involving bodily injuries and property damage resulting from your products, services, or operations. If you have employees, you need workers’ compensation to pay for any injuries they may incur while working. But what happens if your business has to shut down due to unforeseen circumstances, you provide bad financial advice to a dissatisfied client, or the building in which your business is housed incurs damage from a storm? Other types of insurance can cover your losses, keep you operating, and help keep your business from failing.

What Types of Commercial Insurance Policies are Available?

Many types of commercial insurance policies are available. Sometimes, you can bundle these into a business owner’s policy, depending on your needs. Consider adding the following types of policies to protect your company:

  • Commercial auto insurance for a vehicle fleet
  • Property insurance
  • Business interruption
  • Professional liability (errors and omissions)
  • Cyber insurance
  • Tools and equipment
  • Product liability

Most businesses won’t need all these coverages, so which is the most appropriate for your needs? Ask the agents at the Insurance Team for advice. We can provide sound advice for covering myriad insurance needs for your business operating in Queen Creek, AZ and surrounding communities.

Classic Car Insurance for Snowbirds

Classic cars are in a class of their own for sure, and they mean a lot to those who collect and restore them. If you have a home in a place that experiences severe winters, and also a home in Queen Creek, AZ, it’s a no-brainer deciding where you will garage your treasure. However, protecting your cherished vehicle as a seasonal resident can be a tricky proposition. The Insurance Team is here to help.

Understanding Classic Car Insurance

With the area’s warm climate and gorgeous scenery, it is no wonder why you would want to bring your classic car for a drive during your extended stay. However, purchasing the right comprehensive coverage, tailored to your needs, is crucial for your classic car’s protection.

Remember, insurance for classic cars takes into account how unique, valuable, and distinct vintage vehicles are, and regular automobile insurance may not cover your needs as extensively. For example, classic car insurance may cover restoration fees and the costs of specialized repairs. It can cover the costs of vintage parts that are expensive because they are rare and hard to find. Also, given the dry, dusty climate, you may want to add extra coverage for sun exposure and damage from sand and rocks.

Also, as a seasonal resident, if you are parking your vehicle for an expansive period of time, you should consider reduced usage and storage-specific policies. This is especially relevant if you choose to leave your car in Queen Creek, AZ when you return to your out-of-state home. You can also get policies that adjust your premium based on seasonal use and drawn-out periods of inactivity.

Do you need help deciding on what types of coverage are right for you and your classic beauty?

Look no further than The Insurance Team. We welcome part-time citizens and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about automobile coverage for your vintage vehicle.

How Does RV Insurance Differ From Auto Insurance?

Owning an RV is very different from owning a regular car or a truck, as it comes with a different set of responsibilities. RV ownership usually requires vehicle maintenance repair, RV roof management, winter insulation, water tank management, regular appliance cleanings, and other similar tasks. In addition to that, RV owners should consider getting RV insurance, which is similar to auto insurance.

Is it a Good Idea to Get RV Insurance?

If you own a large recreational vehicle, then yes. Just like a car, RVs are vulnerable to on-road collisions, property damages, theft, vandalism, or general wear-and-tear. Because RVs often come with electrical appliances and water tanks, the owner may likely need to hire repair services in the event of a breakdown. At the Insurance Team, we’re providing RV insurance to the people of Queen Creek, AZ. 

RV Insurance Versus Auto Insurance

While RV insurance costs about the same as traditional auto insurance, there are some differences with what RV insurance covers. It often covers electrical surge damage, a problem that’s specific to recreational vehicles; if you have electrical appliances connected to your RV system, then it’s recommended that you find a policy that insures power surge damage. RV insurance also tends to specialize in liability coverage, the type of insurance that pays clients who are held legally responsible for an RV accident. Liability coverage is especially useful for RV drivers who frequent campgrounds or RV parking sites.

Getting RV Insurance in Queen Creek, AZ

If you’re interested in purchasing RV insurance as well as auto insurance, feel free to contact the Insurance Team. Call our agency today to schedule an appointment.

What is enhanced injury protection, and is it worth adding to my motorcycle insurance policy?

Motorcycle insurance in Queen Creek, AZ is already surprisingly reasonable, and you may want to consider adding some extra protections. The Insurance Team has experience in helping our customers find options that fit their lifestyle and needs. Just like with any other kind of insurance, you can personalize your policy so you only pay for the extras you think you need.

There are a lot of extras you can add to your basic policy, such as rental car reimbursement, roadside protection, special protection for the contents you carry on your bike, and total loss coverage. Enhanced injury protection is one of the most important protections you can add.

Enhanced Injury Protection

Getting in a serious accident on your motorcycle can affect you for a long time. If you only have minimum coverage, you might hit your limit on medical bills. Even worse, you may be out of work for an extended period of time. When you are out of work, you may be unable to take care of yourself and your family and pay your bills.

If you have enhanced injury protection, your insurance will pay you $250 every week for up to 2 years if you are injured on your bike. If you are killed in a motorcycle accident, your family will get $25,000. To qualify for this protection, you have to add it to your policy, and the injury must be one that is covered under your policy.

What Are You Missing Out On?

If you only get the legally required amount of insurance in Queen Creek, AZ, you are missing out on a lot of protections. Call The Insurance Team so we can find out how easy it is to add other important protections.

Four things that your boat insurance policy can do for you

It’s important for boat owners in Queen Creek, AZ to realize how useful boat insurance coverage can be. At The Insurance Team, we’re here to inform you about your boat insurance options. 

The following are four things that your boat insurance policy can do for you:

Protect the value of your boat

Boat insurance safeguards your vessel’s value by covering repair or replacement costs in case of accidents, theft, or damage. With this protection, you can enjoy your time on the water knowing that your investment is secure and its worth is preserved.

Pay for medical costs that are caused by a boating accident

Boat insurance can not only protect your watercraft but also cover medical expenses in case of boating accidents if you add medical payment coverage to your policy.

From minor injuries to more serious incidents, this coverage ensures that you, your passengers, and other boaters receive necessary medical care without having to worry about the costs.

Provide emergency assistance when you’re boating

Boat insurance policies can include emergency assistance coverage. With this type of coverage, you can have the costs of having your vehicle towed or serviced in the water paid for. 

Allow you to use marinas

Boat insurance opens the door to marina access, as many marinas mandate coverage for docking privileges. Make sure that you’re familiar with the insurance requirements of any marinas you plan to dock your boat in. 

Consult With Us

Boat owners in Queen Creek, AZ can rely on us for insurance coverage that allows them to navigate the waves with confidence. Set sail with peace of mind—get a quote from us at The Insurance Team and keep your maritime dreams afloat!

What Kinds of Policies Pair with Umbrella Insurance?

For current and future clients of The Insurance Team in Queen Creek, AZ, we always make sure to provide the right amount of coverage to protect the most valuable aspects of your life. Sometimes, an insurance policy may not provide the amount of coverage that will give you peace of mind. In those situations, you may be able to add an umbrella insurance policy on top of your existing policy.

When you pair an existing policy with umbrella insurance, you take a step toward protecting yourself from the absolute worst-case scenarios financially. As we say in the insurance business, it’s best to have the amount of coverage you need yesterday. Waiting until an emergency strikes to increase your coverage could cost you thousands of dollars. Additionally, it can cause some unnecessary heartache.

What types of policies pair with umbrella insurance?

To obtain umbrella insurance, you’ll need an existing policy to go “under” the “umbrella” of the umbrella insurance policy. If you’ve never obtained umbrella insurance before, you may wonder what it even is. In short, umbrella insurance acts as an extension of your current policy. When you meet the limit of your current policy, umbrella insurance might be able to kick in to cover certain expenses that extend beyond that limit.

Umbrella insurance pairs with a range of policies. Homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and watercraft insurance are usually able to go under an umbrella insurance policy. If you’re not sure whether your current insurance policy would work with an umbrella insurance one, we’re happy to help you determine the best way to maximize the amount of coverage available to you.

To discover how umbrella insurance can help protect your home and other assets, call The Insurance Team in Queen Creek, AZ today!

Why You Need Flood Insurance

When you own a home, there are many ways that you need to protect it. One of the ways you can protect your home is to have a flood insurance policy. It’s important to have this policy for many reasons. If you own a home and don’t have this type of insurance policy, it’s time to get one. When you want to know more about these policies, give us a call at The Insurance Team in Queen Creek, AZ.

The National Flood Insurance Program

This program is run by the U.S. government. It gives people access to flood insurance as well as backing and guaranteeing it. Because this insurance is government-backed, it won’t go out of business. It will be available to you for as long as you keep the policy.

It’s recommended to never go without this coverage, even if you don’t think you live in an area that floods. Among all of the flood claims that come in, about 20% of them come from areas outside of flood zones. They aren’t zoned for flooding, but flooding can still happen there. 

Home Insurance and Floods

One of the most common reasons that people have for not getting flood insurance is that they believe their home insurance will cover it. Why get another policy when you have home insurance? However, home insurance doesn’t include flooding. When there is flooding, you can’t get payment for any of the damage from your home insurance.

Without flood insurance, you would be responsible for paying for all the damage the flooding does. Floods are extremely destructive and often come with huge clean-up and repair costs. 

Get Flood Insurance 

If you don’t have a flood policy yet, it’s time to give us a call. Contact us at The Insurance Team in Queen Creek, AZ to learn more. 

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